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Google’s web app lets you ‘Squoosh’ images down to smaller file sizes.

Sending as well as displaying high-quality images without sacrifices in load time can be a constant dilemma. A web app from Google called “Squoosh” offers a quick and easy way to get the best of both worlds

Best of all, it’s Free and WINDOWS AND MAC compatible, as this app is Web Browser based software and available to all.

It’s a pretty simple app to use: you can drag and drop for an image of your choosing, and from which point, you can pick from compression standards including MozJPEG, OptiPNG, and Google’s own WebP. A small slider lets you quickly adjust the level of compression, and you’ll also see a running total of how large the resulting file is expected to be.

Supports MozJPEG, OptiPNG, and WebP and a host of others... (see the screenshot here.)

A second slider can be pulled across the image to let you easily see the effects of the compression. There are more advanced options available, but we were able to find a pretty decent balance between image size and quality without them.


This comes up to join the free category for everyone.

     •     Bitly is an assistant when you have really long URLs... that you’re pasting in an email for instance.. so they don’t break over multiple lines and therefore become un-clickable by the recipient. They’re also helpful to use in images or print documents where you can’t create a direct link to the web page and you don’t have space to write out the whole URL.

•          If you sign up for an account with Bitly, still free, you can track the ‘bitlinks’ you create to see how often they’re shared and clicked on as well as some demographic information about the people doing the sharing and clicking.

     •     You can also create bitlinks with custom URLs that are easier to remember than the random letters and numbers created by Bitly, as long as someone else hasn’t already used it.

eg:    bit.ly/NETWORKTV12  

.. instead of the shortened group of numbers, giving a more professional and confirmative reason for people to click.. and the number might be useful to highlight your subject matter so you can trace the feedback.

Right click an image (or bunch of images) on your Mac and use ImageOptim, and have them be compressed in-place.

Way more convenient than opening the image in a website, re-downloading and replacing the original.

HOWEVER, your originals need to be secured and stored elsewhere, and preferably a folder of the images chosen as the selected operators be utilised for the compression.

WHY...? because once activated, the program runs on these images, saving them right there, BUT moves your versions to the trash.

(..you can go get them back if you make a mistake.)

•          If you see a bitlink and aren’t sure if it’s safe to click on, you can preview the destination page by adding a plus sign to the end of the shortened URL.

For example, if you enter bit.ly/1c92v5e+, it will tell you that it redirects to the subject before you actually go there.


Free for MAC computers, this is a download, and it operates in a manner that is faster for Mac owners than the Squoosh reviewed here.


This is $15 for MAC computers, is a download, and it operates in a manner that is similar to the Squoosh and ImageOptim reviewed here.

Enjoy your forays into TECH ease of use.