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Re-Use of Content

Re-use requests include editorial and commercial re-uses from NETWORKTV.AFRICA & DAVID DODDS layouts, texts and images (i.e. in books, magazines and newspapers, in exhibitions, in films and TV programs, in advertising, press and publicity, and their respective electronic counterparts).

As there may be numerous Authors of the creative and intellectual properties of interest, the consideration of their Rights is paramount.

Submitting Requests


For all requests to re-use content from NETWORKTV.AFRICA & DAVID DODDS,

we require the following information:

•      Title of the article / description of the image(s) to identify the content that originally appeared.

•      Your complete contact information (name, address, phone, fax, email).

•      Description of your proposed reuse of content

(please include all details – including, but not limited to, print run, territory of re-use, rights being requested).

This will be confirmed and negotiated as with various other relevant Copyright holders.

Fair Readership and Distribution

Features and Magazines in their completed layout form.

NETWORKTV.AFRICA & DAVID DODDS intends for a process of free and fair readership by worldwide digital distribution..within their completed layout form, including logos, layout process, authors credits, and page numberings, etc.

It is not intended for text or images to be dis-assembled or otherwise presented in any form other than that of the original layout. Copyright exists separately and severally, and is also defined further here on this NETWORKTV.AFRICA & DAVID DODDS website.